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Art & Artefact are passionate about making the best possible scans of film. Scanning film is a craft no different to producing a fine print and no less important. As such just as much time and care should go into the scanning of the film as you would take when working on a print in the darkroom. At Art & Artefact we understand the needs and concerns of artists using film, often to produce prints several metres in size, or the importance of maintaining the look and characteristics of a certain film stock. At Art & Artefact every effort has been made to get the best possible scans and we're confident in saying that we offer the highest quality drum scans available, but crucially, at a price that is fair and sustainable for artists.
It's our mission to help and encourage artists working with film.


Scan Resolutions and Prices
35mm at 8000ppi 510MB: £24
Medium Format Film (6x4.5) at 5000ppi 600MB: £24
Medium Format Film (XPan, 6x6 to 6x9) at 4000ppi 530MB-800MB: £24
Medium Format Film (XPan, 6x6 to 6x9) at 6000ppi 1.2GB-1.8GB: £36
Panoramic Film (6x12 to 6x17) at 4000ppi 1GB-1.5GB: £42
5x4" Film at 4000ppi 1.8GB: £42
10x8" Film at 2500ppi 3GB: £72
(10% discount available for students)

The Art & Artefact Drum Scan Process
All film is extensively checked for dust and then wet-mounted onto the drum using Kami mounting fluid and SDS polyester sheets.
The scanner resolution is set and the scanner aperture carefully selected depending on the resolution, film stock and desired look of the scan.
The scanner is focused on the emulsion and the scan begins.
Scan times vary typically between 30 minutes to 4 hours per image depending on the resolution and size of film.
The scanner outputs a totally raw 16-bits-per-channel TIFF file.
Each file is then inspected on a calibrated wide-gamut Eizo display.
For Slide film the scanner is ICC profile characterised for faithful colour rendition and for negative film each image is manually inverted using ColorPerfect software. Negative scans will appear flat with no clipping so no data present on the film is lost leaving the decisions on how to work on the look of the file to the client. Alternatively I can provide you with the raw un-inverted negative scan.
Files are provided as 16-bit TIFF or PSB format files with either Gray Gamma 2.2, eciRGBv2, AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB (depending on your preference and the appropriate colourspace for the actual gamut of the image) embedded sent via an FTP client or on a memory stick.

Why Drum Scan?
The Federal Agencies Digitisation Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) states that "To this day, drum scanners provide the highest image quality of all imaging devices". Wet-mounted film scanned in a drum scanner using photo multiplier tubes will always surpass a scan made on a CCD scanner, 'virtual drum scanner' or a camera scanner in terms of resolution, noise, tonality, gamut, sharpness and detail. The Scanview Scanmate 11000 is one of the finest drum scanners ever made; with a three micron minimum aperture, 16-bit per channel output and superb software for producing truly raw scans.

No need to cut film down to individual frames, just clearly mark which frames need to be scanned.
7-day turnaround is standard however film is often scanned within a couple of days. For bulk scanning or rushed jobs please get in touch to discuss your needs further.
By default we scan the entire image area but not necessarily the entire film area (not scanning the rebate or sprocket holes etc) however if you would like the entire film area scanned please just let us know.
If you have several pieces of film that were shot under the same lighting and camera conditions and need the scans to match exactly then let us know.
For faster output scanning using a camera and flash lightbox are also available. We're actively experimenting with this technique with the hope of offering the best possible quality camera scans at prices lower and speeds faster than drum scanning.
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Contact Andrew at: info@artandartefact.co.uk
Film can be posted to us, dropped off at the A&A Clerkenwell studio or at BDi Photographic Lab.
Email to arrange a meeting or to chat about your project. We're happy to provide advice and bespoke solutions.

Other Services Available
Art reproduction, print reproduction, image retouching, image compositing, object photography, installation shots, advice and consultancy

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